We offer professional, Commercial Carpet Cleaning for Offices, Hotels, Restaurants and other professional spaces in Nashville.  In today’s business world, time and budgets are extremely important. At DRYCON we can help you with both. Our dry method allows the carpet to fully dry in 30-60 minutes- unlike steam cleaning which seems to take at least a day to dry. No mold, mildew or wasted downtime!

Our reasonably set prices contain no hidden charges. We are a locally owned carpet cleaner in Nashville that takes great pride in prompt and reliable service for our business customers.

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Hotel & Office Carpet Cleaning

We Clean Hotel Carpet, Rugs and Floors

We professionally clean the floors, including all carpets and rugs in guest rooms. Hallways: Other high traffic areas such as hallways and corridors between hotel rooms also require regular dry cleaning to preserve and maintain the carpet lifespan.

Professional Cleaning of Restaurant Carpeting & Rugs

Our thorough and complete dry carpet method will remove crumbs and dirt left by restaurant guests and diners. In a dining establish or bar, the high volume of foot traffic, combined with food and beverage, can quickly make your restaurant looks terrible. Our process is fast, so we can take care of your entire floor area in the short pause between lunch and dinner!

Cleaning for Office Carpets, Common Area Floors & Office Carpeting

Your staff and employees need a professional environment, and everyone notices dirty floors! We can quickly get the stains out, so you can feel proud to have clients in your office space. We also can offer seasonal or monthly maintenance contracts, to help you budget. Fortunately, because our method is so effective, our services are very affordable!

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Cost Effective Commercial Cleaning of Carpets, Rugs & Floors

• Decrease the amount of carpet replacement due to our dry method – over time this will save you thousands of dollars
• Dries in 30-60 minutes allowing for immediate occupancy or use of your business
• No hidden charges
• No inconvenience of fans for drying for guests and tenants
• Stains do not resurface (unlike steam cleaning that pushes dirt down and with walking causes stains to return)

We know the importance of keeping commercial carpets clean for your customers, residents and guests. Our service and prices are the best in the business – that is why Vanderbilt University uses us to clean their dorm rooms and hallways.  If we can get their floors clean after thousands of college students – we can definitely handle yours!


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Our Commercial Cleaners use a 3-Step Process:

  • First we take a cold water cleaning solution, which is non-toxic and safe, and apply a light mist onto your carpet.
  • We then take a buffer system with a cotton bonnet pad and as this rotates on your carpet it pulls the dirt up into the bonnet pad. You can actually see the dirt on the bonnet pad when they finish. This insures that the dirt is being pulled out of the carpet instead of pushed into the carpet.
  • We finish by using a carpet brush to stand the nap up.

This system is unique because of the trademarked cleaning solution that we use.  It will also dry in 30 minutes.

Serving Commercial Customers in Nashville, TN:

We can serve all areas of greater Nashville and Davidson County, Tennessee – including

  • the Gulch
  • West End & Vanderbilt Area
  • Elm Hill Pike and BNA Airport
  • Opryland & Opry Mills

Drycon is located at 2714 Wellman Dr, Nashville, TN 37214

Call (615) 902-0002

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Drycon offers professional carpet cleaning, upholstery dry cleaning & air duct cleaning services in the greater Nashville area. Our company was founded in 1991 in by Nashville resident Jack Moles. He developed a non-saturating carpet cleaner which revolutionized the carpet cleaning industry. Since then, dozens of local Drycon offices have opened, including Mt Juliet/Lebanon, Knoxville and Sevierville.

After 23 years of business, Jack Moles retired and Rob Metzler was hand selected to continue his legacy. Drycon is proud to offer superior cleaning services at affordable prices – with reliability that you can count on! Our company prides itself on an honest and straightforward pricing policy – with no hidden fees. If you’re not satisfied with our services, we will leave at no charge to you. We stand by our work, and our online carpet cleaning reviews prove it!